The David Ellis Chariy Board of Trustees


Our trustees are a body of volunteers who carry full financial and legal responsibility ensuring that The David Ellis Charity is run correctly in accordance with Charities Commission regulations and according to the law. The board of trustees will ensure that all charity functions are  genuinely and solely in pursuit of our charity objectives. The David Ellis Charity trustees bring a wide range of knowledge, expertise and experience from the armed forces, business and health sectors; they discuss and agree our strategic aims and annual budget, and submit timely annual reports and accounts. 


Our Charity Patron 

Charity Patron - Shane Taylor (Actor)

Shane is an English actor, known for the role of Cpl. Eugene "Doc" Roe in Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's commercially and critically acclaimed 'Band of Brothers'.


"Band [of Brothers] was more than a job. We were representing families in a moment of history."

The Board of Trustees

Nick Harper (Chair of Trustees)

Nick Harper Chair of Trustees

Shaun Stent (Secretary)

Shaun Stent Trustee (Secretary)

Jen Norster

Natalie Ellis Trustee

Dr Jeanette Croft

Dr Jeanette Croft Trustee

Natialie Ellis

Jen Norster Trustee