The David  Ellis Charity


Charity number: 1192363



'Giving what we can for those who have given everything'

                                                                                  Est. 2020  

'Improving the lives of military veterans, health service workers, and their families through the delivery of health and wellbeing, exercise and social activities'


Welcome to The David Ellis Charity (Charity number: 1192363)


We are a local Dorset charity that serves military veterans in Dorset. We are also a charity whose objectives allow us to determine when to support, in particular, but not exclusively, organisations that further the charity’s purposes and offer serving armed forces personnel and Dorset health staff the same provision of recreation leisure, and social welfare activities alongside our military veterans. We are proud to offer this support to the National Health Service and care staff who have worked alongside our troops during UK major incident crises and on military operations overseas whilst continuing to care for our veterans and their families in peacetime.


Yours aye


The David Ellis Charity